Hello people, chocolate is always all time favorite for everyone. Today I am going to write down about Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Cadbury was a confectionary started by John Cadbury in  Birmingham, UK in 1824. So the age of our delicious and smooth Cadbury bar is 193 years. 

Distinguishing factor of this bar is its creamy and smooth texture with a delicious taste so unique and different from other brands. My personal favorite brand which serves best for our chocolate cravings. 

With the company so old, and still the best out of many , they still have their rates so economical for everyone. Cadbury is best in taste, best in rates and yes the quality is really satisfying.

For those who still haven’t tasted this super delicious bars which comes in different flavors and textures, should give it a try. It’s simply is the best brand of milk chocolate ever.

Girls are Precious

Hello people, girls of our society are precious, they suffer a lot to survive, today I am going to depict my view about the difficulties a girl child has to face in our society. Here is the list of some issues which girls have to face:

  1. Education: In our society,some people have a thinking that what will a girl give us if we will invest on her studies? Then they themselves have an answer to this meaningless question and that is a big NOTHING. And even if some agree to educate a girl child, they are not ready to invest much. They send there girls to some local street school and again demonstrate their pathetic thinking that what is the need to invest in girl education? Girls are born to take care of the household and family members and not to study or do job or business.
  2. Decision Making: In our society girls are not allowed to take their own decisions or a family decision. And not even they are allowed to suggest in the family interest matters. The suggestion of a girl just don’t matters.
  3. Building a career: Girls have no right to build a career. Girls biggest duty in our society is to get married and have kids. And then work 24 hrs for the family’s well being.
  4. Judgemental Society: In our society girls are judged for everything. From their weight, ettiquites, manners, behavior, thoughts, passions, hobbies etc etc etc. Girls are then categorized into different categories according to the judgement in above mentioned departs by our society aunties.
  5. No Flaws: A girl cannot have flaws in anything. She should be fit, active, beautiful, intelligent, hard-working, faithful, honest and yess last but not the least she must be obedient. Her character should be like an angel of heaven. So pure and so humble.
  6. Inequality: Girls are treated unequally by our society, if a boy dates a girl, it’s his choice of life. But if a girl does this she is labelled as characterless and immodest. In our society girl’s little mistake is counted as a big sin. Girls are not even asked when parents take decisions of marriage for them.

Girls are like diamond precious and rare, not like a stone found everywhere.

Life is a Gift of God

Hello people, as I discussed earlier that for me life is a mystery. Today I am gonna write about life’s meaning and purpose.
I have understood that God the Creator has given us life, for a reason. And if we ponder around us we can notice the fact that everything from a God’s creation has a reason for its existence. Therefore , I reach to a conclusion that human life is a gift of God given once, and to make that life worth it is the reason we are given the gift of life by God.

One more perspective makes it more clear, and that is ; if we observe humans that are created by God we can see one thing clear and that is every human ever created is unique. Each individual has different skills, abilities and talent. This talent, this skill is a gift by God. This fact points towards a bigger thought and that is: 

Purpose of every human life is different, according to the skills ,the inner talent bestowed upon by God. Each and every individual if finds the purpose of his/her creation, understanding life and it’s meaning will become easier. And this is how human life will be worth living for.

God has made us different and the difference between us and God’s other creation is:

Every living being lives for its own well being and survival, but humans are created to live for one another, this is the reason we have heart, and emotions. This is the reason we are taught to love and care and live in peace and harmony in a well mannered society by God. Living for each other’s well being is what makes humans unique and different.

Our life, our skills, our health, our wealth everything is a gift by God and He wants us to share these wonderful gifts with the wonderful souls around us.

Sharing and caring is the best way of living…

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Health and Life

 Health is life and life is health…!!!

Health and life are two different terms. But can we separate them and focus on one thing.? No, health and life are a must together. A life without good health is a life worse than death. So here we are discussing the fact that how much is health important in our daily lives.

We are God’s creation and God has made everything with perfection. God is beautiful and loves beauty, that’s  what the message nature gives us. If we ponder around us. We can see that in nature only the fit ,strong and healthy survives. Thus we can conclude that life is with health, if there is no health there is no life.

What’s say???


Hello people, today I am going to write for the daily prompt: bury 

I am a girl and for me bury hints at many things like:

  1. Bury the past mistakes
  2. Bury the hatchet
  3. Bury the sins
  4. Bury the secrets
  5. Bury the pain
  6. Bury the failures
  7. Bury the bad deeds
  8. Bury those disturbing words
  9. Bury the moments of pain
  10. Bury everything that hurts…

For me the word bury is painful, I just read it or hear it and become sad. Because burying the painful moments or words can never erase the wound they caused to the heart.

What are your opinions???

My personal dream destinations

  1. Turkey: I don’t know much about the place, as I have never visited it. But it’s my dream destination because of it’s historical value.
  2. Saudi Arabia: I know a little bit about this place, but still want to visit it for it’s religious value and simple lifestyle.
  3. Maldives: I have heard and read a lot about this place. I will love the islands and seafood there.
  4. Spain: I have read stories about Spain and Spanish people and really want to visit this country for it’s unique style and food.

I always dreamt of being a Traveller, it’s so much fun. Meeting new people, making friends, sharing true life stories and seeing the world.

Love nature, love the world’s beauty…